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3 Ways Ski Muff Pattern

3 Ways Ski Muff Pattern


3 Ways Ski Muff adapts to any temperature fluctuation—both externally and internally!

Wear it as a cowl, facemask, or headband.

The gentle taper from shoulders to chin keeps out any cold breeze. For a more frigid day, pull it over the nose. Heating up on an outdoor hike? wear it as a headband!


Knit in the round in alternating knit and purl sections, creating a bouncy muff.

Sized for neck circumferences of 12-15” (30-38cm)

Finished measurements: Circumference: 19” (48.25cm) at bottom and 16” (40.6cm) at top. Height: 4” (10cm) relaxed; 10” (25.4cm) unrolled

Size is easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing stitches. Allow for ~4” (10cm) positive ease of neck circumference

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors: Color A - ~55 yards - Brown; Color B - ~38 yards - Tan; Color C - ~35 yards - Natural White; Recommended yarn: Fine fleece Shetland wool or other low micron count wool for next to skin softness.

Size 8 (5mm), 16 inch (40cm) circular

Gauge: in stockinette, 16 sts per 4 inches (10 cm)

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