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Curlee Acres - A small sheep farm in Western Wisconsin

Wool and Sheep - improving the world's biosphere. 

Information for ordering lamb meat:

* Sold as Whole or Half lamb. Hanging weight range for a whole lamb is 40 - 47#. 

         Hanging (carcass) weight definition: the butcher has removed any non-edible                                 portion of the animal. These non-edible portions are about 1/3 of the live weight. 

Price: $5.50/pound hanging weight. (paid to Curlee Acres)

   $100 / $50 deposit to reserve a whole / half lamb. 

    Deposit is put towards final price.

* Grass fed on pasture during summer. Hay fed during winter. Grain fed on       occasion (black oil sunflower seeds and corn).

* Processed by Cherry Hill Meats, Taylors Falls, MN

   Processing fee: ~$93.00 (~$46 for half) - slight variance due to hanging weight and if ground or stew meat is requested (paid to Cherry Hill Meats)

   Cut orders placed directly to Cherry Hill Meats: 651-465-6321

* Next processing date: June 17, 2024

* Contact us to receive notification of upcoming processing dates.

Reasons to buy grass fed Shetland lamb meat 

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